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JVersion Checker is a Joomla 2.5 component, very useful for people who manage many Joomla web sistes for themselves or for different clients.

JVersion Checker allows to monitor several URLs in one single screen, and check the update status of the installed Joomla version (it can check any version).

For any URL, you can have detaild infos such as:


  Up to date Up to date, but newer major version available Not up to date, click to update
Not up to date, follow manual procedure or migrate Obsolete version Cannot verify or error


If the version is not up to date (red icon), it's possible to click on the icon and be redirected to the update panel for that webiste (login needed of course).

Here's a preview of the admin screen with some monitored URLs:


screenshot JversionChecker


Download here:


If you find this component useful:

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