AG Featured Events

AG Featured Events - Module for Eventlist

AG Featured EventsAG Featured Events is a simple Module for Eventlist by, which allows to highlight some events as important, or sponsored, or "Don't-miss-it" kind of events.


I needed a module like this for a site I am building, but couldn't find anything around, so I decided to build one myself...

The Module requires Eventlist and extracts from the Database ONLY some events, to be highlighted as "Important" or "sponsored" or "not to miss".

See a Demo Here


1) Download the module mod_featured_events e install it from Extensions->Install/Uninstall

2) Once loaded, go to Extesion->Module Manager

3) Select the "Featured Events Module" module, configure the "Intro message" parameter with a short message to display in the module (i.e. "Don't miss it!", "Sponsored Evenst")

4) Configure the "Featured Event IDs" parameter by inputing the event IDs (taken from Eventlist) that you want to highlight, separated by a comma (i.e. "5,14,29"). Remember to activate the module.
The module will then load from the Database events with these IDs ONLY,and only if they are published. If you unpublish some events (or they are deleted because they are old) they won't be displayed in the module. 

Setting up parameters
Final result will be similar to this, with links to Event details view:


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